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The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin!

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one of the maximum popular bullion coins within the international today is the Canadian Maple leaf gold coin. It turned into first minted by way of the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) in 1979, and right now set up itself as a firm favored amongst bullion customers and creditors.


The cause turned into that The Canadian Maple Leaf is a natural.9999 - four nines- gold coin with out a additional alloys. which means it is sincerely as pure, as you can purchase. royal mint 50p In comparison the gold Krugerrand is alloyed, giving it a barely orange hue.

in addition to this purity, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is widely appeared to be one of the most fantastically designed gold cash in the global.


Many bullion coins have a practical appearance. no longer this one! at the obverse there’s a bust of Queen Elizabeth II. this is the conventional Arnold Machin profile.

on the reverse is the Maple Leaf. The layout is elegantly simple.

Technically the coins are prison gentle & and can be purchased from both coin & bullion dealers. because of the acute purity and nature of the design - for numerous years there had been issues with the coins performing to scratch badly. For a duration this brought on a few shoppers to steer clean.


one of the underlying motives become that an awful lot of the coin comprised plain fields. The internet end result is that scratches show up extra easily. but, enhancements to the minting process have reduced the wide variety of scratches & marks generated at some stage in manufacturing.

Like many countrywide cash, this one, most effective makes use of gold mined inside the domestic state.

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